Additional Information

  • A treatment will never start before an approval from a client is obtained.
  • Normally, objects are brought to the workshop by the customer or collected by KOROLNIK RESTORATION. In rare cases, a courier service has been contracted to take over transportation.
  • Normally, packaging for shipping and transportation will be provided by KOROLNIK RESTORATION.
  • During treatment and transport though KOROLNIK RESTORATION the objects are fully insured by the contractor by a renowned art restoration insurance (property liability, fire, vandalism, burglary, theft). Copies of the insurance policy can be provided where required.

Each object is unique with different requirements to its preservation and restoration. It is therefore impossible to quote a fixed price. Before each job, an estimate of the probable treatment steps and the amount of effort is worked out. Normally, the effort to create a cost estimate will not be charged. Cost estimates may be charged for if the object is complex, large or numerous and the examination takes more than a few hours. Material cost, transportation or shipping costs and VAT are included in the estimate.

Usually, the work time is calculated by the hour. In individual cases such as for larger projects, lump sums can be agreed upon. Invoices are payable by bank transfer after execution of the order. In individual cases, such as for larger projects, a down payment can be agreed upon.