• KOROLNIK RESTORATION feels obliged to the generally adopted ethic guidance of the profession as conveyed through university colleges and of restoration associations.
  • KOROLNIK RESTORATION guarantees for high quality in work and materials used within its professional competence.
  • All changes, additions and reconstructions at the artifact are carried out reversibly.
  • Each treatment remains minimal in its extent but guarantees maximum preservation.
  • Each treatment is extensively documented. The documentation is part of the treatment and belongs to the artifact.
  • Any threat or distortion of the historically grown condition of objects will be rejected.
  • Orders may be rejected if origin and ownership of objects are unclear. In case of suspected breaches of agreements and conventions for the protection of artifacts and for the prevention of illegal trade in cultural goods orders can also be rejected.
  • KOROLNIK RESTORATION maintains respect towards human remains as well as objects with ideological, religious and ritual significance.