No renewal but respect of irreplaceable originals

Are all objects in your care in best condition? A competent conservation and restoration will slow down or even stop decay processes, eliminate damage and destruction gently, bringing seemingly lost objects in an understandable state again where they are safe to handle.

Minimal intervention for maximum conservation

KOROLNIK RESTORATION carries out scheduled conservation and restoration measures in highest standard and quality on the basis of years of experience and an internationally recognized professional training. She adheres to the professional ethics as well as to the latest research.

Today’s aesthetic preferences as well as conservation and restoration techniques in the future may be undervalued or improved. Therefore, any intervention can be undone due to the use of reversible restoration products and treatments.

KOROLNIK RESTORATION worked for many years on behalf of heritage organizations, universities, renowned private and public collections as well as for private collectors, often under time pressure, for example in preparation of exhibitions. This often led to interesting and challenging working tasks. As a result, KOROLNIK RESTORATION enjoys the reputation of being precise, fast and creative in work management.